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«the Institute of Clinical Rehabilitology» is a medical institution. It has been exercising medical and research activities since 1991. The institute operates as «a surgical one-day hospital.».
So far we have operated more than 45000 patients, of which 35000 children. Annually we operate about 3500 patients. Of this, there are 1,200 patients that we operate in clinics in which we work abroad.
The Special Surgical Hospital MEDIKUS in Cuprija is a representative of the Institute for Rehabilitation of TULA for the area of Southeastern Europe (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Greece) and we are therefore obliged to inform you about this method more widely.
The method is recognized in Serbia by the decision of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia.
Russian doctors who work with us have licenses from the Serbian Medical Chamber.
In special surgical hospital MEDIKUS in Cuprija, the Republic of Serbia, surgical interventions ETAPNA FIBROTOMIA BY ULZIBAT have been performed for 13 years in cooperation with doctors from the Institute for Rehabilitology TULA, Russia.
Doctors from this Institute work this type of intervention with great success, because the method is non-invasive, on many contractures during one operation, without immobilization (gypsum), without cuts (with a special scalpel) without long-term hospitalization (1 - 2 days) and the most important method is the success in over 97% of cases, that is, a significant improvement in the extent of limb movement, the quality of the walk, the position of the body, calming of the painful syndrome, reduction of uncontrolled salivation, strabismus, speech, etc.
We hope that in the next few sentences we will present the basic details related to the operations performed by Russian surgeons.
Medical Details:
The operation is performed with muscle fibers.
The goal of the operation is to reduce muscle contractures and increase the movement of the joints.
The operation is performed in general (total) inhalational anesthesia and does not last longer than 20 minutes.
The entire medical team is from Russia, that is, the nurse of the instrumentalist, an anesthetist, a doctor, anesthesiologist and a surgeon.
This method is treating a consequence while the cause persists so that it is possible that the intervention is repeated when child grove up and within muscle tone get increased again.
After the operation, the child goes home without a bandage, any thread or something, so only small scars are left that eventually turn into almost imperceptible dots on the skin.
Upon returning home, the child rests for two to three weeks. This implies absence of walking if it lends itself and does not rely on the legs so as not to burden the tendons, as well as the absence of any form of physical therapy.At that period patients can crawl,kneel, sit on knees, and do all activities with their capabilities except the ones that are mentioned.
With this operative method we cannot make direct influence to do muscle spasm, because mucle spasm is cosequence by pathological inervation.
The lowering of muscle spasm is achieved by indirect way.
This method allows for a easier and more efficient rehabilitation process through which it is necessary to pass after the procedure in order to make the results better.
When releasing, the doctor determines when to come on a check exam.
Technical-organizational details:
After registration for the operation at the home address (or via email), all documents related to the operation are received, i.e. paper with a checklist and analysis to be done before the operation, a pro forma invoice.
Parents and children arrive the day before the operation, and leave the day after the intervention.
The operation is performed in Ćuprija in the SPECIAL SURGICAL HOSPITAL MEDIKUS.
Russian doctors come to our hospital four times a year: March, June, October and December.
The fundamentals of the Institute operation lie in a set of patented inventions of its founder PhD Professor Valerij Borisovich Ulzibat, the Honored Inventor of the Russian Federation. The Institute members have defended 8 Master’s and 1 doctoral theses, they are the authors of more than 200 published research papers. The main aim of our work is the motion improvement and pain abatement for each patient who addressed to our clinic.
In cooperation with Russian doctors our medical experts have been published many professional scientific works in which we represent the success of the method by ULZIBAT.

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Our specialists

The doctors of the Institute of Clinical Rehabilitology are the team of highly-skilled professionals,working according the unique method of V.B. Ulzibat. All the specialists have long-term experience of surgery performance both on the territory of Tula Region and outside of it. You can check the doctors’ trips plan here.

Our Services

 For more than 25 years, on an outpatient basis, the specialists of the Institute of Clinical Rehabilitology give special orthopedic aid to the patients with congenital and acquired musculoskeletal pathologies, including those suffering from the ICP.

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