Spastic torticollis (the wrong neck) is an extorted irregular head and neck position associated with neurological changes in the transmission of pulse through the muscle tissue. Deformation of these parts of the body can be innate and acquired. In both cases, the main cause is the chronic muscular strain of the sternocleidomastoid muscle (slender muscle of the neck).

Treatment of spastic torticollis (wrong door) should begin immediately after the pathology has been established. Symptoms of the disease are manifested in the form of tremors (trembling) of the head, persistent or occasional pain of spasmodic character in the neck, involuntary blinking, insomnia, contraction of the muscles of the face, unpleasant feelings in the trunk and limbs.

The causes of the disease are:

  • osteochondrosis, hernia
  • emotional stress
  • passive way of life
  • psychological trauma
  • Injuries to the neck or head
  • Sheikerman’s disease
  • impaired encephalitis and other neuroinfections
  • genetic predisposition

Types and treatment of spicy torticolysis (wrong door)

All 4 types of diseases can be treated. Treatment eliminates pain in the area of ​​the neck, shoulders and head during movement and the patient returns to life fully capable of working.
Types of deformation of the door part:

  • Antecolysis – simultaneously deformed two sterno-colloidostatic muscles (neck muscle). Turning the headway forward.
  • Retrokolis – nerve impulses go wrongly to trapezoidal muscles. Due to spazma turning his head backwards.
  • Torticollis – turning the head into one side.
  • Laterocolis – turning the head towards the right or left shoulder.

In rare cases, there is a mixed form of spicy torticoli (wrong door).
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